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Rock n Rikud - Israeli dancing for the next generation!

Rock n Rikud was established with the purpose of encouraging the next generation to participate in Israeli Dancing.

Our focus is on modern Israeli music and dances, we keep up to date with the newest dances coming out of Israel as well as popular dances taught all over the world

Rock n Rikud is a social, relaxed and friendly group who love dancing.  Even if you have never danced before, you will quickly get up to speed by staying on your feet and giving it a go!

It's the perfect way to start doing Israeli dancing or come back after a long break!

Wednesday nights from 7:45pm
@Caulfield Indonesian Uniting Church

Casual class $10
10 Class Pass: $80
First timers: $5

......So what's so great about Israeli dancing??

If you hate exercise, it's perfect for you. If you love exercise - it's perfect for you!

You can do as much or little as you want, and again, just listen to great contemporary Israeli music and forget all your cares and worries for an hour or two!

So please do come and join us, if you have any questions email rocknrikud@gmail.com

or phone Belinda 0415 452 871




To see a list of the example of dances that we do, click here

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We adapt the immortal words of Theodore Herzl:
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