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Audio Source: CD-Rokdim No. 48
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Dance Name Translation Type Year Choreographer
All Dances Page
Ahava Mimabat Rishon   Love at First Sight C 1997 Naftaly Kadosh Page
Al Tashlicheini   Don't Abandon Me C 1995 Shmulik Gov Ari Page
Al Titni Lo   Don't Give Him (f.) P 1997 Naftaly Kadosh Page
Alef Bet     A B PK 1997 Levi Bargil Page
Alef Bet Be'ahava   A B in Love C 1991 Israel Shiker Page
Ata Li Eretz   You are my Land P 1997 Mali Lipson, Moshe Page
Bedumiya BeduniaIn a Hush C 1997 Boaz Cohen Page
Boker   Morning C 1997 Shmulik Gov Ari Page
Chaya Li Miyom Leyom (Ani Chaya Li Miyom Leyom)   I Live From Day to Day P 1997 Victor Gabbay Page
Hakinor Shel Dor (Hakinor Hamufla)     Dor's Violin PK 1997 Levi Bargil Page
Hashir Al Eretz Sinai   The Song About the Land Sinai C 1997 Gadi Bitton Page
Lechi Acharai Walk After Me (f.) P 1997 Nona Malki Page
Leil Stav   Autumn Night P 1982 Marco Ben Shimon Page
Lirushalayim Halachti (Yaffo)   I Went to Jerusalem C 1997 Victor Gabbay Page
Ma Asita Li     What Did You Do to Me P 1997 Rafi Ziv Page
Mi Ha'ish   Who is the Man C 1979 Eliyahu Gamliel Page
Mitriya Lishnayim (Shneinu Yachad)     Umbrella for Two PK 1997 Eli Noy Page
Neginat Ha'amel (Shuv Ole Haboker)     Laborer Melody (The) C 1997 Oren Shmuel Page
Odelia (Sulam Ya'akov)     Odelia C 1997 Levi Bargil Page
Rachok Karov (Karov Rachok)   Far Near P 1997 Yom Tov Ochayon Page
Se'ara   Storm C 1997 Gadi Bitton Page
Shalechet Beyarok (Ani Etzba Et Hashalechet Berok)   Autumn in Green P 1997 Eli Ronen Page
Shir Klulot (Achoti Kala)   Wedding Song P 1997 Gadi Bitton Page
Shnayim Ochazim Bach     Two Holding You (f.) C 1997 Moti Menachem Page
Tirosh Same'ach     Happy Wine (Tirosh) C 1997 Effi Tirosh Page
Tze'i El Hachalon   Come (f.) to the Window C 1997 Ya'ir Bino Page
Tze'i El Hachalon   Come (f.) to the Window P 1997 Yoram Sasson Page
Tziyuney Haderech (shirat hanoded)   Road Signs CK 1997 Levi Bargil Page
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